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John Adams Costumes

If you want to celebrate our country, one of the best ways of doing so is by dressing up as one of our great patriotic leaders from the past. In US History, John Adams was the second President of the United States of America. John Adams was born on the 30th of October in 1735 in Braintree, Massachusetts to parents John Adams Sr and Susanna Boylston Adams who had three sons. John Adams Jr was the eldest child and he grew up to become one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. Mr. Adams worked with Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin to draft the Declaration of Independence in 1776. In 1789, he became the Vice President of the United States under the first official American President George Washington. In 1797, John Adams succeeded George Washington and became the second President of the USA. Dress up and celebrate Independence Day on Wednesday July 4th.

John Adams Child Costume for boys

Colonial Boy Costume for Kids

This stylish Colonial costume for boys features a fancy blue and red coat with attached light tan vest & white jabot, and tan breeches. A great colonial costume for those who want to impress their classmates at school or stand out in school plays. This stylish colonial costume will make an excellent John Adams costume.

Colonial Boy John Adams Child Costume

Colonial Boy Costume for Kids

This child Colonial costume includes a brown shirt with attached collar, ruffled jabot, and matching brown breeches. A good traditional colonial costume for boys at a great price.

John Adams colonial man costume

Colonial Man Costume

If you are shopping for an traditional adult colonial costume at an affordable price, you will want to consider this Early American outfit which features a brown colonial shirt with white sleeves with dark pants as well as a black belt and dark brown colonial hat. Available is one size that fits most adult men.

Men's John Adams Wig

Adult John Adams Wig

Give your President Adams costume a better authentic look with this classic white colonial style wig for adult men.

Child Colonial White Wig

Kids Colonial Wig

Complete your child’s Early American costume by adding this classic colonial style white wig. This is perfect for school plays or historical re-enactments.

Child Colonial White Wig

Deluxe Peruke Wig for Kids

If your child needs a more sophisticated colonial wig, we suggest this fancy white peruke (also called periwig) to capture the classic colonial hair style of Early America.

Colonial White Jabot and Cuffs

Colonial Jabot and Cuff Set

This costume accessory will give your Early American outfit a more authentic colonial look. Includes on white jabot and two cuffs.

John Adams Colonial Hat with Wig for Kids

Black Colonial Tricorn Hat with Wig

This child size traditional tricorn style colonial hat includes an attached White colonial style wig with ponytail. Includes a decorative gold trim on black for an enhanced stylish look.

President Adams Men's Colonial Tricorn Hat

Fancy Colonial Tricorn Hat for Men

Accessorize your adult John Adams colonial costume with this affordable fancy colonial black tricorn hat with gold trim. One size fits most men.

John Adams Tricorn Hat

Economy Tricorn Hat

This is a great affordable colonial style black felt hat with gold trim. This tricorn hat has a circumference of 23″ and recommended for kids and most adults.


Theatrical Rental Quality John Adams Colonial Costume Jacket Pants

Theatrical Quality Colonial Townsman Costume

This rental quality costume is great for college theater or colonial reenactment events. This deluxe colonial costume for men features a deluxe solid brown gabardine jacket with contrasting buttons and trim, matching vest front and solid brown knickers. Men sizes small, medium, large or extra large available.

John Adams Colonial Costume for Kids

John Adam Costume for Kids

If you need a good looking John Adams costume for your child, try out this traditional colonial costume for boys which features a brown vest with sleeves, matching pants, jabot, and colonial hat. Available in child sizes small, medium, or large.

President John Adams is one of the popular historical figures that you or your child can dress up for patriotic events, historical reenactments, or school plays. Independence Day is Monday July 4th so it’s a good time to buy one of these colonial costumes which would look great for a school book report presentations, children “wax museum” shows, historical plays, or patriotic events. Below we listed a variety of different colonial costumes and clothing suitable for you to recreate our historical political figure.

As the first Vice President of the country and the second President of America (following the much beloved George Washington), John Adams had very big shoes to fill, so to speak. And this was the case, indeed. However, while John Adams was generally not liked during his term, his legacy made a more positive note during the contemporary times.

Adams came to prominence because of his involvement during the Revolutionary War. He was a Massachusetts delegate during the Continental Congress and he was among the delegates who had a hand at persuading the Congress to carry out the Declaration of Independence, which was later drafted by Thomas Jefferson. These made him a solid candidate for vice presidency, which he won twice during Washington’s term. During this presidential campaign, he was opposed by Jefferson. He won the presidency with a very small margin (71 votes against Jefferson’s 68).

Adams presidency is notable for a number of accomplishments, such as the Alien and Sedation Acts and the building of the US Navy. Generally, however, Adams accomplishments during the Revolutionary War had more weight than his actions as president, at least during his time. The Alien and Sedation Acts, for instance, was seen a bold move to repel foreign agents that threaten to penetrate the country. However, when Jefferson succeeded him, he repelled the act since he saw it as unconstitutional. Adams also notably ended the Quasi War with France, although it was a war he started in the first place. He was also notorious for acting out on his own; naturally, this earned him the ire of many statesmen, particularly American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

Still, his greatest accomplishment was his decision to follow the path paved by Washington. He maintained the stance on neutrality and the focus on foreign policy as a means to strengthen the country’s global position.